EP Cover 12:04 (Twelve04)

EP Release!?

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Twɛlv oʊ Fɔr The first EP of 12:04 is titled Twɛlv oʊ Fɔr, this is the phonetic spelling of Twelve04. BUT… Before you can actually hold it in your hand… nicely packed, with slick art work, ready to add to your collection…. You can check the songs that will be on it.

And we’re off to the finals!

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Friends! As we recover from our hangovers, we’ll bring you up to speed again. Yesterday we won the fourth qualifying round of the ‘Grote Prijs van de Bollenstreek’. That got us straight to the finals! It was a great night and we’d like to thank the judges, the crowd and the other awesome bands, Chromasphere, […]